👋 I’m a Security Engineer @datadoghq focused on Security Intelligence and Incident Response.

I became a Security Analyst straight out of highschool, I spent the next 4 years maintaining a global Cisco FirePOWER IDS fleet and training a team of analysts to respond to the threats they detected. After that, I became an analyst on Mandiant’s Managed Defense SOC team, responding to breaches perpetrated by the stealthiest APTs and noisiest script-kiddies. I quickly pivoted to the world of research, becoming a Security Researcher for Mandiant’s Advanced Practices team. Over 3 years I learned from experts on threat detection and intelligence, hunting for new and novel threats, writing custom research/analysis tools, and investigating some of the most impactful breaches of the time.

Today, my day job entails leading a small, but effective, Security Intelligence team in building a custom Synapse instance to provide curated intelligence for @datadoghq’s Security Operations and Engineering teams. I also advise and assist their Threat Detection and Incident Response programs.

I spend my spare time writing open-source software, reading maps, and walking around in the mountains. Sometimes these hobbies even colide! When I get the chance, I like to write about my experiences. Checkout my blog for more!

To get an idea of the software projects I maintain, take a look at my projects page.

Some public examples of my work:


Please use LinkedIn or Twitter/X if you’d like to contact me.

If your comment/question is related to a project of mine, open an issue in the project’s Github repo instead.